mPrompter, better known as the portable smartphone teleprompter, is a cost effective, ultra-compact, teleprompter for bloggers and videographers that is adjustable to any camera or smartphone. The mPrompter is available now on Kickstarter at a special discounted price.

The mPrompter was developed with bloggers in mind, offering solutions to many of the challenges they face due to current technology limitations. Most existing models are too big and clunky for travel and are poor quality. The mPrompter addresses these by:

  • Allowing for a quick set up (less than a minute)
  • It is compact and portable and comes with a travel bag
  • It’s made up of premium quality metal and shatter resistant mirrors
  • Comes with adapter rings to ensure compatibility with existing gear
  • It is affordable

The mPrompter will make videos look much more professional and enable a higher viewer engagement.

About the product

This is the  mPrompter which fits into you pocket and is adjustable to any camera or smartphone.  Using any smartphone you can read any text while your eyes look directly into the camera.

Have you ever made a home video where you needed to speak a text, while looking into a camera or smartphone, but were unable to look into the camera while simultaneously reading the text?  Well, the result of the recorded video is that the viewer can see the speaker reading the text instead of looking into the camera and at the audience.  


For this reason, there are professional teleprompters which can be seen at TV stations or at any venue where speeches are given.  The speaker reads the text through a mirror while looking and speaking directly into the camera.

However, these teleprompters are very big and very expensive.  They often cost from 4,000 USD up to 8000 USD. 


For bloggers, YouTubers


For professional videographers


iPhone adapter

For making your iPhone into a camera.

Included Bag

To carry it wherever you go.

Up Rings

Compatible with every Camera.


To get the best angle.


Our location is in Budapest, Hungary, where we currently have a small production facility.  The funding is necessary for the special tools and materials needed.   The mPrompter will be delivered directly from Hungary to anywhere in the world.  It will arrive housed in a custom designed box within a well designed bag.  The metal housing protects the very compact and small microprompter with the sensitive mirror. A plus is the designed bag that gives an extra protection.

 The operating manual will currently be in English and German with several other languages added at a later date, all available to download to our website.

Technical specifications / features

Quality is very important to me, so I chose to build the mPrompter using the best possible materials in every component. No plastics!

  • Stainless steel body and frame
  • Textured black “pure finish” coating.
  • 3mm glass mirror, with 70/30% reflective coating.
  • Mirror is permanently attached, and free floated in a protective stainless steel bezel.
  • Aluminum lens and smartphone adapters.
DimensionsThe mPrompter measures 177mm X 138mm X 30mm or about 7in X 5.5in X 1in.
Weight90 gramms or 0.3 oz which is about half a pound with most smartphones.
ConstrucionMost of the components are made out stainless steel body frame.
Textured black “pure finish” coating. The mounting and the clamp hardware include some steel components.Most of the components are made out of injection molded ABS. The mounting and the clamp hardware include some steel components.
WarrantyLifetime manufacturers warranty, tat covers any DOA, or failed products due to manufacturers defect. This warranty does not cover any other damages.
MirrorAcrylic beam splitter mirror with 70% light transmission. Coated with scratch resistent nanoparticles, and excelent optical clarity.
ClampAdjustable spring loaded clamp to hold a smartphone in place. It also has a rubber grip pad to insure the smartphone does not slip out.
MountIntegrated with 77mm x .75 pitch lens mount. This is a very common size, which is also compatible with most lens adapters.
Dust CoverTwo covers, including the mount cover, and the hood cover close the teleprompter openings to protect and eliminate dust from entering.


Hi, Gabe here. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you a little more about who I am and how I decided to create the mPrompter.

I have studied economics and business management, which helped me to grow my own company, Facility Management and HVAC in Budapest, Hungary. As a photography and videography enthusiast I noticed that whenever I wanted to make a speech into my camera, it was difficult to look directly into the camera while trying to read from a script. To achieve a natural-looking shot while still allowing me to read lines, I wanted something like a Teleprompter, but most options cost thousands of dollars – not something that most amateur filmmakers are willing to spend. So, I decided to make my own version.

After creating multiple prototypes, I made a size that would fit all the latest and future smartphones while still being small enough to easily carry. The final design is a compact, solid coated aluminum unit that folds out to reveal a double-coated mirror which is a better display than the plastic that competitors often use.

The mPrompter is a cost-effective teleprompter solution for bloggers and videographers from amateurs to professionals. I’m so excited to be able to start producing this new product for creators all over the world and I can’t wait to see what you create with it! Be sure to join our private Facebook group to get all the latest news on this project and follow our progress.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from the form below.